What I love most is to read behind the things I see and to accompany each image with a thought, an emotion, a memory. For me there is no greater emotion than being able to see behind each picture a part of me and evoke in others a personal reading of their state of being human.

Max Borelli was born in Rome in 1966, he started using a camera as a teenager when he was given a Canon FT with a 50mm lens as a present. He prefers black and white photography and develops his own photographs in a dark room that he set up with a friend at the age of 16 in an attic in central Rome. He learned to use photographic paper, exposure times and film treatments to reproduce what he saw when he took a snap. With the discovery of digital photography a new world of experimentation was opened up to him, but still closely linked with the style he obtained with anagogic pictures. He attended the basic and advanced courses in photography at the Roman School of Photography.

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