Living as a solitary

The project “White” was developed during few days I had in Val Gardena at the end of March 2018. We pass this holidays in the same hotel from the last 15 years. The first time we went there my sons Matilde and Federico had 4 and 6 years and the our chose was to select an hotel more for families. The area is called “Val Gardena” and you can really skiing for hours without doing the same slope if you want.

I decided to dedicate a project to the snow not for the snow as it is but for the feeling that is able to transmit for those that really look around them.  Finally probably I like mostly the silence and the calm that is part of the skiing experience. Similar to diving I’m really relaxed when I’m into all that white frozen water.

Then there is also the skiing experience. Skiing is and individual sport and require some concentration and separation with the things that are around you. You need to pay attention for those that are around you but you should not be influenced too much by the fear to skiing with the others. If you are fortunate you can really find yourself in a white slope with nobody or you can be in a crowd space with dozens of skiers.

This white experience gave me the possibility to represent also the unicity of the human being. We are always too busy on our daily activities that really put a barrier on our real way to be with the others and with ourself.

With the “White” project I would like to represent all those elements and to give to those that will look for a while on each of the 5 photos the possibility to think for a while about themselves and about their presence on this planet